Gas Range

IVECO is the only manufacturer worldwide to cover the  entire range of commercial vehicles from light panel vans and medium-heavy trucks to heavy articulated  gas-powered trucks for long-distance transport with robust and everyday gas vehicles. The gas engine technology used is the result of decades of intensive  research and development work that is now paying off for you. Whether you are looking for a solution for inner-urban deliveries, for municipal tasks, for construction site logistics or for international transportation, you are sure to find the right gas vehicle in our wide range of  highly specialised models.


Eco Friendly

The Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power is the first gas-powered vehicle to offer an 8-speed automatic transmission, making it the ideal solution for urban traffic.

The Daily Blue Power enables transport operators to work in urban areas, to the benefit of the cities’ commercial activities and efficient running, while minimising the polluting and noise emissions of their vehicles. With the highest levels of comfort, fuel efficiency and performance, it will meet all your operational requirements. Its 3.0-litre CNG engine with 100 kW (136 hp) and 350 Nm offers the same performance as a diesel equivalent - with 4 dB quieter engine, up to 5% lower CO₂ emissions (up to 95% with bio-methane), 12% lower NO₂ emissions and 76% lower fine dust values and excellent fuel efficiency.

The Daily Natural Power is available as a panel van or chassis in numerous variants, with various bodies and with a maximum load capacity of up to 7.2 tonnes. The Daily Natural Power is perfectly at ease in a variety of working environments and missions. Its strength and durability derives from the unique ladder frame chassis engineered with C-section side members in special steel, which affords maximum flexibility to bodybuilders.

  • Fuel cost savings can reach up to 35%
  • 4dB lower engine noise vs. diesel
  • No AdBlue®
  • No after-treatment system maintenance
  • 4.25 tonne van derogation announced October 2018. UK Government has announced a five-year derogation enabling standard Category B licence holders to drive alternative fuel vans to 4.25 tonnes GVW rather than the normal 3.5 tonnes for a petrol or diesel commercial vehicle (subject to a minimum 5 hours compulsory training).


Eurocargo Eco

Sustainable, efficient, manoeuvrable and versatile: the Eurocargo is the perfect truck for urban missions.

From waste collection and road cleaning to road services and container applications, it can satisfy every need. The Eurocargo Natural Power is available in various weight variants from  8 tonne to 16 tonne and with a  6-cylinder engine with  150 kW (204 hp) and  750 Nm torque, which can be combined with both a manual 9-speed transmission and a fully automatic transmission with torque converter and offers a range of up to 400 km in natural gas operation.

The intelligent arrangement of the gas tanks on the sides of the two frame side members means that the same loading and transport capacity is available as with the Diesel Eurocargo: all body dimensions remain unchanged. Eurocargo Natural Power is perfect for urban use - thanks to the low exhaust emissions that allow it  access to Low Emission and Clean Air zones, and thanks to its 5 dB quieter engine noise compared to diesel, which offers a real advantage for  night-time deliveries.



Stralis Eco

The Stralis NP 460 masters all applications on the road and occasionally on the construction site.

2018 saw the launch of the game changing Stralis NP 460 6x2 into the UK market, providing operators with the only 100% natural gas model in the market.

With 338 kW(460 hp) and an autonomous range of up to 1,600 km (in 4x2 configuration) it scores particularly well in long-distance transportation. With the lowest fuel consumption of all time, the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio and the longest maintenance intervals in its class, it leaves the competition far behind - just like the TCOs, which are up to 9% lower than comparable diesel trucks. Many clever details such as the 90,000 km longest oil change intervals in its class contribute to this.

The Stralis NP is particularly impressive with its emission values: For example, NOx emissions are 60% lower than Euro VI, CH4 80% lower and PM 99% lower. No matter what you want to use Stralis NP for. The Stralis NP can be perfectly tailored to any transport task thanks to the countless model variants, cab types and combination options of CNG and LNG tanks:

  • Transport (Domestic / International), Regional & Long Haul
  • Urban logistics, Refrigerated/Food Distribution
  • Municipalities, Refuse collection, waste management
  • Construction
  • ADR transports/Fuel Tanks
  • Automotive logistics/Car transport

IVECO's Natural Power Range

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