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IVECO at Solutrans 2019: fuelled by new solutions

Monday 25th November 2019

IVECO at Solutrans 2019: fuelled by new solutions

With a renewed offering and a growing number of associated connected services, IVECO is looking at the bigger picture for Solutrans 2019.

The programme includes: the presentation of the new Daily and IVECO WAY ranges, areas dedicated to connectivity and to sustainable development, and also an external stand featuring a full complement of vehicles available to test drive.

There is no doubt that the three pillars of the brand, namely driver-centricity, profitability for the customer, and sustainability, will be firmly centre stage!

Lyon, November 22, 2019

With a fully renewed offering, IVECO is looking even further ahead and anticipating upcoming regulations. The brand offers a complete line-up of both diesel and gas vehicles – from light to heavy duty – which already comply with future norms and with the added benefit of fully connected services and tailored-made transport solutions.

Driver at the forefront of product development

Thanks to a driver-centric approach, the Daily sets new standards for both the driving experience and life on-board and takes its move towards autonomous driving and the inclusion of advanced safety functions even further thanks to the latest generation driving aid systems.

On roads and highways, driver safety and comfort are at the heart of the brand’s priorities. The Daily now benefits from features such as the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and the City Brake PRO, along with the adaptive speed programmer, Queue Assist and ProActive Lane Keeping Assist. These elements form the building blocks of the autonomous driving of tomorrow.

On both the Daily and the IVECO S-WAY, drivers can now benefit from having their smartphone mirrored via Apple Car Play and Android Auto onto the 7-inch monitor placed in the centre of the instrument panel. This is a fantastic way for them to bring their digital life on-board, no matter the circumstances.

For the new heavy-duty IVECO WAY range, the cab has been completely redesigned to meet the driver’s expectations, creating dedicated spaces to mirror the different stages in their journey. Every detail has been carefully planned to provide them with the optimum working environment. For example, the ergonomic layout of the controls, particularly on the steering wheel, ensures that all the main functions are within reach, including those relating to the driving aid systems.

Spacious and well-equipped, the driver’s living area offers many storage compartments and comfortable standing headroom. This allows the driver to move around inside with great ease; drivers also benefit from a dedicated space to either work or relax in, depending on the time of day. The sleeping environment has been designed to maximise comfort, whether taking a rest break or spending the night in the vehicle.

Just like in the Daily, the new infotainment system allows drivers to bring their digital life on board, and integrates Bluetooth for hands-free use and audio streaming, a DAB radio, voice recognition, a navigation system specifically designed for trucks, and a multitude of hardware and software enhancements, including cybersecurity options.

The MY IVECO EASY WAY application allows drivers to remotely manage all the functions in the cab, from lighting to climate control, windows to door locking, and the infotainment system.

The driver is at the heart of everything IVECO does, and the brand is pushing the limits of this approach ever further as it unveils the IVECO FIT CAB – a series specially developed in collaboration with drivers, fitness experts and insurance companies.

Designed to be the driver’s personal coach, thanks to the wide range of sports equipment available, the IVECO FIT CAB enables drivers to adopt a fitness regime, even when travelling far from home.

The special MAGIRUS series, developed with the most demanding of customers, is also on display. It includes a range of elements from the historical MAGIRUS brand, innovatively reinterpreting the concept of a custom truck to create the height of refinement, combining the latest technology with precision engineering.

These two concept trucks, brought together especially for Solutrans, are travelling throughout Europe, and have been the subject of in-depth studies conducted with customers and drivers. The goal? To gather their feedback and develop these unique vehicles alongside them.

Business customers: from a reactive to a proactive approach

The second pillar of the IVECO strategy, linked to the commercial activity of its customers, has given rise to a new approach towards connectivity on board the Daily and the IVECO S-WAY, switching from being reactive to becoming proactive. This is evidenced by the stand, which this year features a space entirely dedicated to connectivity.

Thanks to this new approach, IVECO is striving once more to offer the best possible return on investment in its vehicles, and optimised productivity for the transport companies which operate them.

The Daily and IVECO WAY ranges have reached new heights with the Connectivity Box, linked to the Microsoft Azure cloud, which offers the operator an impressive array of high added value
services. It puts the vehicle in direct contact with the IVECO Control Room, which receives data from the connected vehicle in real time and monitors it constantly.

IVECO specialists can also provide remote assistance services without interruption and perform proactive diagnostics and predictive scheduling of maintenance and services, to maximise the availability of the vehicle and optimise its performance. The data provided by the vehicle in real time also allows custom maintenance plans and personalised financing offers to be provided based on its use.

The vehicle is also connected in real time to the fleet management systems in order to help customers reduce their costs thanks to enhanced navigation, improved fleet visibility, advanced engine diagnostics and mileage reports in real time. Thanks to this constant dialogue between the vehicle, the customer’s system and the Control Room, fleet managers can implement significant cost reductions whilst managing fuel consumption, downtime linked to maintenance, and the costs related to repairs.

In parallel to this, these vehicles are equipped with a set of tools designed to optimise the vehicle’s energy efficiency, such as the driving style evaluation tool and customised fuel economy advice services. This new connectivity device forms a comprehensive solution which precisely meets the operational and commercial needs of its customers.

In the same vein, IVECO has also reduced the Cx by 12% on the IVECO S-WAY, resulting in a 4% reduction in fuel consumption.

These new services expand and complete an already rich offering to support the customer throughout the life cycle of their vehicle. From financing for new vehicles or second-hand vehicles certified by OK Trucks, thanks to IVECO Capital, through to the spare parts department.

IVECO: an ever-more sustainable and carbon-neutral transport partner

IVECO has always made sustainable development one of its core values. With this commitment spanning almost 25 years, the brand has become a leader in low emissions transport. Today, 7 out of every 10 non-diesel trucks on European roads are made by IVECO.

2019 brought a new challenge as it saw the European Union set a CO2 reduction for trucks of around 30% in 10 years! To reach this objective, IVECO is putting strategic initiatives in place, such as its recently announced exclusive partnership with Nikola, aimed at bringing battery-powered heavy goods vehicles to the market by 2022 and those powered by fuel cells by 2023, and also its participation in the H2 Haul project, supported by the European Commission, aimed at developing electric heavy goods vehicles with fuel cells. Half of the trucks in the project, four IVECO tractors and two rigid trucks, will be travelling the roads of southern France from early 2022.

In this race against global warming, all available resources must be put to good use. Battery- and fuel cell-powered electric vehicles alone will not be enough to ensure rapid progression of the energy transition for the road transport sector. Therefore, IVECO is continuing to develop CNG and LNG vehicles, with the IVECO Natural Power ranges.

At the cutting edge of natural gas solutions, IVECO’s expertise translates into impressive statistics. The brand has now manufactured 50,000 natural gas engines and 35,000 natural gas vehicles.

Regarding transport of goods by road, the energy transition has been achieved almost exclusively by natural gas vehicles. Once again, this year, 98.3% of non-diesel trucks registered in Europe are powered by natural gas, and registrations of CNG and LNG HGVs should reach 6,500 units by the end of 2019. This number is three times the total from 2017, and an increase of 90% on last year!

This strong growth has been made possible by several positive factors:

• The commercialisation of new high-performance vehicles such as the Stralis NP460, which became an instant bestseller for IVECO and on the market in general

• The development of a reliable distribution network for CNG and LNG: more than 630 refuelling points are now available to drivers across Europe

• And, lastly, greater levels of support in Germany and Poland, two major countries for the road transport of goods.

In 2020, the demand for natural gas trucks will continue to grow in Europe, thanks to the commissioning of 200 new NGV stations and the development of new sectors, such as the transport of fuel and other hazardous goods and the buildings and public works industry.

On the IVECO stand, the presence of Shell, which is hoping to offer a much larger network of LNG stations in Europe and which will open its first French station in the Lyon area in spring 2020, is further proof of the confidence which is surrounding the development of this new energy source.

For its part, IVECO has already developed solutions to meet the high level of demand expected from these sectors:

• For fuel and dangerous goods transport, the S-WAY ADR tractor features a unique combination of LNG tanks which allows enough space to install any type of compressor or pump, whilst guaranteeing the best autonomy on the market.

• For the construction sector, the CNG version of the X-WAY NP tractor is designed for demanding tipper activities, with a 7.7 mm reinforced chassis, high ground clearance and space to house a hydraulic tank in the wheelbase, whilst offering a CNG capacity of 1,052 litres, the largest on the market. This truck is the perfect solution for infrastructure projects located in Low Emission Zones, such as the Grand Paris Express train lines, and for any other construction project requiring a low carbon footprint.

• Also, on display on the external stand are two X-WAY CNG concrete mixers. One features hydraulic controls; the other, equipped with an electric motor, is a hybrid model with batteries that are recharged when driving, allowing it to be used in very low emission zones. These two models are owned and operated by Perrenot. This is yet another example of an exceptionally successful collaboration jointly undertaken with this company, thanks to its resolutely forward-looking approach.

• The external stand also features a refrigerated Eurocargo CNG equipped with the Carrier Supra CNG refrigeration unit. This solution has met with great success in France. This innovation is the fruit of an IVECO-Carrier co-development created in collaboration with Perrenot, which ordered the first prototype for its customer Carrefour three years ago.
The outstanding comfort of the new IVECO S-WAY cab has been further enhanced by the silent operation of NP models.

The S-WAY and X-WAY LNG will soon be equipped with the 4th generation of Charts tanks, which provide a number of major improvements:

• Valves positioned radially to ensure better ergonomics and error-free refilling

• A new high-precision fuel gauge

• An additional capacity of 10% on lowered tractors to bring their range to 1,300 km.

Lastly, also on display on the stand are two new extraordinarily innovative vehicles based on the Daily Natural Power range.

• The first, a 3.5t dual temperature van designed for the Casino group, illustrates the need to protect the environment during urban deliveries, driven by the strong growth of e-commerce. Casino’s first order of 90 units is just the beginning of a brand-new development for the Daily NP.

• The second represents a major step forward in terms of the versatility of the Daily range. Thanks to the five auxiliary tanks installed at the rear of the cab, the range of the 7-tonne Daily NP 7 has been doubled! It is now possible to travel up to 600 km offering limitless respect for the environment.

IVECO Natural Power technology offers impressive results, with particulate levels close to zero, NO2 emissions reduced by 90% and a carbon footprint reduced by up to 95% thanks to the use of biomethane. The production of biomethane and its use as a fuel for natural gas vehicles is something which is also experiencing major growth in a number of European countries.

This will eventually enable the CO2 emissions from the natural gas trucks refuelling in these countries to be automatically reduced. For example, in Germany, France and Switzerland, an IVECO S-WAY CNG will be able to make CO2 reductions in 2020 which are close to the objective
set by the European Union for 2030. The same truck refuelling in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark or the Netherlands will be close to carbon neutral, the European Union’s objective for 2050!

As you can clearly see, customisation, return on investment, and sustainable transport are now the watchwords for IVECO, for products and services which are increasingly ergonomic and centred on the customer, more competitive and kinder to the environment, but also more effective, at the cutting edge of technology, and focused on the future.