Exclusive HI-SCR system from the new Trakker

 NEW TRAKKER adopts the new Cursor engine with the exclusive HI – SCR system that reduces emissions by offering the best combination of performance and fuel consumption.

 Compared with the solutions offered by our competitors, Tector and Cursor engines with IVECO HI-SCR offer a number of advantages:

  • More compact, less weight. Using just one NOx treatment system downstream of the engine and no EGR makes it possible to achieve higher performance from lower-displacement engines compared with our competitors. The entire system is perfectly positioned on the chassis to suit most body and trailer applications such as refrigerated box, tanker, cargo box and much more.
  • Higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption thanks to optimised combustion, without the use of EGR, and with SCR with an outstanding (> 95%) conversion rate. No need for post-injections of fuel to burn particulate, thereby reducing fuel consumption and thermal stresses on the after-treatment system.
  • Passive-only DPF regeneration. The highly optimised combustion of the HI-SCR engines, guarantees a very low particulate emission level. It allows passive-only DPF regeneration with huge benefits in terms of maintenance intervals and maintenance cost control.
  • Much simpler engines, using only mature technologies for best in class reliability. On longer journeys, the EGR valve and coolers tend to get clogged by soot, potentially meaning more downtime. Complex double-stage turbo and added fuel post injection systems may also impact vehicles’ reliability and residual value.

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