IVECO’s latest HGVs and LCVs take centre stage at new Road Transport Expo show

Thursday 30th June 2022

IVECO’s latest HGVs and LCVs take centre stage at new Road Transport Expo show

IVECO will be displaying its environmentally conscious natural gas (AS440S46TP CNG) and all new 490hp and 530hp diesel S-WAY, its latest X-WAY which raises the stakes tackling off-road missions and derivatives of its Daily van and chassis cab range at the industry’s newest commercial vehicle show.


It will be a great opportunity for operators to get up close and personal to the new 490hp (AS440S49TX/P) and 530hp (AS440S530TX/P) diesel IVECO S-WAYs for the first time and get behind the wheel of the diesel 490hp and 460hp natural gas IVECO S-WAYs in the test drive zone.


The Cursor 13 range has been extended with two new power ratings - 490 hp and 530 hp. The efficiency of the engines has been improved through increased compression ratios and a new combustion management strategy. The new engine line-up is type-approved for 100% second-generation biodiesel, such as HVO.


The 13-litre engines have been coupled with new, high-efficiency single-reduction rear axles, and

longer rear axle ratios down to 2.31:1 available with standard profile tyres. This enables

substantial down-speeding, resulting in greater efficiency when cruising on long-distance routes.

These features make the new Cursor 13 490 hp diesel a true TCO champion and the perfect

vehicle for long haulage.


Additional features contribute to the IVECO S-WAY’s fuel efficiency. They include the new Eco Mode

for the automatic air conditioning system, which eliminates unnecessary energy absorption, and the

new A-pillar aerodynamic covers that further improves air flow around the cab.


High business productivity with a true high fuel-efficiency and TCO performer the IVECO S-WAY is the ideal vehicle for long-haul missions and the perfect business solution for fleet owners. It raises the bar on performance and contributes to an overall reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3%.


Both IVECO S-WAYs provide excellent driver comfort, plentiful storage, and leading technology including IVECO Driver Pal, a digital driver companion in partnership with Amazon Web Services. This voice-activated assistant enables the driver to check vehicle health and request assistance when required. It can also help set the navigation enabling the driver to keep their focus on the over-the-air updates keeps software current without the need to visit a workshop.


The new IVECO X-WAY (AS360X51Z) marks the perfect crossing between the on-road comfort, connectivity and driveability of the new IVECO S-WAY and the strength and toughness required for those tasks off the beaten track.


The show will also spotlight the versatility of the Daily, with multiple variants on display to illustrate that there is a van and or chassis cab for every mission. In addition to the familiar 3.5-tonne van, the line-up features the versatile 22-seat Minibus which is ideal for navigating urban environment thanks to its impressive manoeuvrability and the hardworking Tipper which features a new six-speed manual transmission with best-in-class precision engagement.


The Daily has received a raft of updates for 2022 with more efficient engines and a new ‘HI-ADAPTIVE’ memory foam seating which helps reduce driver fatigue. Air Pro Suspension is also now an option which offers excellent ride comfort for both driver and cargo via its self-adapting balance system. New Daily features IVECO Driver Pal, the pioneering vocal and digital driver companion that enables the driver to bring their digital life on board, interact with their vehicle and the driving community, and access IVECO's connected services through voice commands via Amazon Alexa.


The Road Transport Expo takes place from 30 June – 2 July at NAEC Stoneleigh in Warwickshire.


Main Hub

S-WAY Natural Gas AS440S46TP CNG

S-WAY Diesel  AS440S49TX/P

S-WAY Diesel  AS440S530TX/P

X-Way 8X4   AS360X51Z

Daily Van  35S14A8 

Daily Van  70C18HA8 

Daily 7.2t dropside  70C18


Urban Zone

S-WAY Natural Gas AS440S46TP CNG

Daily Line Minibus  65C18HA8 B LMB/P


Ride & Drive

S-Way Natural Gas AS440S46TP CNG

S-Way Diesel AS440S49TX/P

Daily Tipper  35C14 


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