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Highly capable IVECO Daily 4x4 set for Ukraine aid mission

Wednesday 21st June 2023

Highly capable IVECO Daily 4x4 set for Ukraine aid mission

The seven IVECO Dailys of family-run West Cornwall Removals in their distinctive red and white colours are a familiar sight in Penzance - the company’s home of over 25 years. These 7-tonne Hi-Matic models (70C18) regularly use their generous payload capacity afforded by the Daily’s truck-based chassis to help people move house around the UK and abroad. As well as taking the stress out of moving house, West Cornwall Removals has also utilised its fleet to bring relief to those afflicted by the situation in Ukraine.

Driving across Europe in convoy with other members of the West Cornwall Removals fleet, these Dailys have previously successfully delivered food and medical supplies to the often-forgotten victims of war – animals. From dogs to donkeys, the West Cornwall Removals team has provided an incredible lifeline to countless wounded creatures in Ukraine.

More trips are planned to deliver even more supplies with a new IVECO Daily 4x4 (70C18HA8) set to provide the specialised off-roading capabilities needed to complete more treacherous journeys. 

Viv Wills said “We’ll head there in convoy with the larger IVECO vehicles, but when we arrive, we’ll decant the food into the Daily 4x4 and travel up narrower off-road paths. The roads are in very bad condition, but the added traction of this 4x4 will help.”

In addition to the rugged DNA of the IVECO Daily, this all-wheel drive van features a trio of locking differentials and low-speed gearbox ratios to maximise traction. Adding to mechanical strength is an advanced Electronic Stability Programme that helps prevent wheel-slip. Continental Vanco Four Season tyres provide an excellent balance between off-road grip and compliant on-road performance. A significantly increased ride height will allow this Daily to clamber up and over obstacles, while its 180hp 3.0-litre diesel engine provides significant muscle via 430Nm torque. A 650mm wading depth also means that this van can conquer any floodwater it might encounter after adverse weather. This Daily 4x4 is also equipped with a winch to boost mission capability.

Another advanced feature of this IVECO Daily 4x4 is its 8-speed automatic HI-MATIC gearbox. Not only does this smooth transmission provide seamless gear changes, but by letting the vehicle manage gearing, the driver can fully focus on reading the tough terrain ahead. The automatic gearbox can also help reduce clutch wear versus a manual when regularly driving off-road.

Complete with hot running water, Viv converted the Daily 4x4 into the ultimate all-terrain motorhome. He added: “We do regularly travel up to the Arctic Circle, so the 4x4 certainly means we’re not going to get stuck.” He is thrilled with his new Daily 4x4 and values the excellent service supplied by Acorn Truck Sales.

West Cornwall Removals takes full advantage of its IVECO Daily’s impressive 3.5-tonne towing capacity with the company running a fleet of trailers. “We bought our first IVECO 15 years ago and we’ve never looked back. They are mechanically well-engineered and have proven to be really tough. We travel over Europe in them and in the Artic Circle temperatures can fall to    -18 degrees Celsius.” In fact, West Cornwall Removals are so impressed with the IVECO brand’s performance that it intends to order a top-of-the-range IVECO S-WAY 570 later this year – a vehicle set to receive a patriotic Cornish livery. 

Mike Cutts, IVECO’s Light Business Line Director said: “This really is an incredible mission for the IVECO Daily to be an essential part of. It’s great to see vehicles such as the Daily 4x4 really help its operator succeed on an incredibly tough, but highly important mission.”

IVECO wishes the West Cornwall Removals team a safe and successful mission.