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Heavyweight Race Sponsorship From Guest and Sherwood

Thursday 4th May 2017

Heavyweight Race Sponsorship From Guest and Sherwood

Guest and Sherwood have renewed its sponsorship of the Reid Freight racing team, which has entered a custom-built IVECO Eurocargo into the British Truck Racing Championship.

Supplied with parts and expertise from Sherwood Truck and Van, along with other local engineers, the truck has been hand built at the Reid Freight depot in Stoke-on-Trent.

Truck racing is one of the most spectacular sights in motorsport and with more than 1000hp and acceleration outstripping many road-going sports cars, the trucks are nothing like those you would see hauling freight around the motorways.

Driver Simon Reid, who is racing the number 89 truck, has a day job in the Reid Freight family business, but enjoys some success in truck racing. He said: “Truck racing is exhilarating and as the driver, I get to do the best bit, but building a truck and supporting it through a season of racing is pure teamwork.

“Some of our own engineers are part of the team, as well as local experts who help with their own particular skills. There is a lot of Stoke-on-Trent expertise that goes into that truck.”

With 13 branches across the centre of England, Guest and Sherwood is the UK’s largest IVECO dealer network. Managing director Rob Spittle said: “It’s great to be involved with the Reid Freight team again this season. For us, the sponsorship isn’t just about money, it’s about the collaboration, involvement of our team and the thrill of racing.

“There’s something exciting about seeing a truck in the Guest and Sherwood livery out there competing with some much bigger teams and knowing that it’s because of a collaboration of local businesses working together that has made it happen.”