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Vivid orange IVECO S-Way 490s boost Ritchie Agricultural’s fleet efficiency

Tuesday 13th February 2024

Vivid orange IVECO S-Way 490s boost Ritchie Agricultural’s fleet efficiency

Four new IVECO S-Way 4x2 vehicles featuring the Cursor 13 490hp diesel engine are yielding excellent fleet savings for Forfar-based Richie Agricultural.

Ritchie Agricultural is a fifth-generation family-run business that dates back to the 1800s. Efficiency is a big part of the business’ longevity, something that also translates to its truck fleet and the decision to order four new IVECO S-Way 490 4x2 tractor units AS440S49T/FP - each one wearing the distinctive Ritchie Agricultural orange hue.

Powered by the Cursor 13 engine family, the 490hp unit perfectly balances economy with performance. A strong 2,400Nm of torque is available from just 1,700-1,900rpm, ensuring engine responsiveness while also reducing fuel consumption. Further efficiency gains come via increased compression ratios, an advanced combustion management strategy, Eco Mode for the automatic air conditioning system, and A-pillar aerodynamic covers that further improve airflow around the cab.

Stephen Ritchie, Ritchie Agricultural’s Logistics Manager, said: “These IVECOs are better on fuel than any other trucks we’ve had. The 13-litre engine doesn’t need to work as hard to get the job done and the drivers really love the performance. Many of our drivers have driven just about every type of truck, but they all now favour IVECOs for their comfort and driving position.”

Each of these IVECO S-Way 490s feature air suspension, providing additional comfort on the UK’s often battered road surfaces. A block spacer has also been added to maximise ground clearance, enabling these trucks to enter a multitude of customer sites with uneven surfaces.

Manufacturing agricultural equipment as well as on and offshore oil and gas machinery, the business started transporting its goods via its own trucks in 1965. In 1993 Ritchie Agricultural took delivery of its first IVECO with its fleet operating a truck from the Italian marque ever since. Just like its very first vehicle in 1993, its latest arrival has been supplied by IVECO dealer A M Phillip Forfar.

Stephen Ritchie commented: “A M Phillip is fantastic! The service we get from this like-minded family-run business is top-notch. They are dependable, fast, and have a great ethos.”

Ritchie Agricultural‘s new 100% IVECO fleet of four trucks features a spacious cab with a wealth of storage, full-leather seating, and comfortable double bunks. Occupants have everything they need for life on the road, including a fridge, freezer, and microwave. Multiple charging points for devices as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means that the modern driver is well catered for.

Another great piece of technology fitted to these 4x2 trucks is a Connectivity Box that enables IVECO ON to provide over-the-air service updates and detailed data relating to driving habits and fuel economy information to help optimise fleet usage. Vehicle health is continuously monitored with the IVECO Control Room in Turin able to flag potential issues.

Stephen Ritchie said: “The proactive system helps keep our trucks on the road and ensures they run without issue. Getting ahead of potential problems helps preserve vehicle longevity.”

These trucks are set to cover around 100,000km each year with IVECO’s Repair and Maintenance contracts offering peace of mind with their predictable monthly costs that are tailored to your operation. The Ritchie vehicles are on a four-year 3XL plan that covers everything from vehicle wear and maintenance to the driveline.

All four of these IVECO S-Way 490 are fitted with a Connectivity Box and Smart Pack. This enables operators access to advanced features such as Smart Reporting to help analyse efficiencies, Vehicle Monitoring for updates on truck performance, as well the Safe Driver Report to help monitor driving behaviour.

Patrick Farbrace, IVECO’s Business Line Director (Truck) said: “It is great to see the IVECO S-Way in such a stand-out livery and specification. The 490 variant of the Cursor 13 engine has proven itself as a highly flexible option that enables impressive real-world economy.”