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Stralis demonstrator secures conquest order from HE Payne

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Stralis demonstrator secures conquest order from HE Payne

Bedfordshire-based third party logistics company, HE Payne (Transport), has acquired two Stralis Hi-Way (AS440S46TX/P) tractor units with a distinctive livery, to become the first Iveco vehicles to join its fleet.

Local Iveco dealer Guest Truck & Van secured the order after the company put a Euro VI Stralis Hi-Way demonstrator through its paces against both existing vehicles in the fleet, and competitor trucks.

HE Payne – traditionally a three-marque fleet – was looking for options to replace a brand which had fallen out of favour. It considered tractor units from four different manufacturers before placing the order with Guest Truck & Van after the Stralis, which is engineered to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership, returned a highly competitive fuel economy.

Richard Payne, Managing Director of HE Payne, says: “We ran the Stralis demonstrator night and day to see how it performed. We needed a truck which would hold its own against the Volvos and Scanias in our fleet, and the Stralis didn’t disappoint.”

The pair of Stralis tractor units have joined a fleet of 65 trucks and are making deliveries of potatoes to supermarket distribution centres at night whilst conducting general haulage movements during the day.

Payne adds: “Our drivers have been looking forward to getting behind the wheel. There’s been a very positive response to bringing Iveco into our stable.

“Iveco took me to the factory in Madrid to see the Stralis coming down the production line and I was thoroughly impressed. Knowing our two new trucks have been manufactured in such a world-class facility gives me huge confidence these vehicles will provide excellent all-round performance over a long life.”

Both Stralis 6x2 twin-steer tractors are powered by a Euro VI Iveco Cursor 11 engine which can produce up to 460 hp between 1,500 and 1,900 rev/min and 2,150 Nm of torque between 925 and 1,500 rev/min. Iveco’s Euro VI truck engine technology uses a high efficiency SCR (HI-SCR) system which decreases NOx emissions by more than 95 per cent. This SCR-only system utilises clean air to maximise combustion efficiency and minimise particulate matter without the use of EGR.

The business expects to run the new Ivecos for five years, with each vehicle covering up to 180,000 km a year.

HE Payne has developed into a one-stop shop for logistics since its foundation in 1938, providing multi-temperature transport as well as general haulage services. It also offers more than 120,000 sq feet of warehousing in prime locations along the A1 corridor.