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Bespoke IVECO eDaily charges into the future as a Mobile Power Station

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Bespoke IVECO eDaily charges into the future as a Mobile Power Station

Continuing the lineage of show-stopping EVs, such as the towing world-record-breaking IVECO eDaily from 2023, the IVECO eDaily ‘Mobile Power Station’ has made its debut at the 2024 Commercial Vehicle show as part of the EV Café Village. 

The IVECO eDaily’s innovative modular battery setup and unrivalled up to 50kW ePTO onboard power is a gamechanger for operators. Able to power heavy-duty equipment and bodies such as compactors, fire-fighting equipment, road maintenance machinery, and gully cleaners, eDaily is enabling more operators than ever to go electric without compromise.

Designed to showcase the IVECO eDaily and its exceptional versatility, the Mobile Power Station is based on a 4.25-tonne, three-battery eDaily (42S14e) with 15kW high voltage ePTO. Utilising its onboard power, this van’s class-leading cargo volume contains the ‘Power Wall’, a dynamic display of energy flow from the vehicle’s batteries to various outlets.

As a show vehicle, the Mobile Power Station will invite the public to charge their smart devices and laptops while simultaneously powering various items such as TV screens. Showgoers are also invited to test their focus on the van’s inbuilt giant buzzwire game, by tracing the IVECO logo without making contact with the frame to win a coveted place on the leaderboard. This fairground-inspired game is also powered by the vehicle.

This 4100-wheelbase eDaily is set to attend multiple events throughout the year, serving as an eye-catching posterchild for ePTO power. The IVECO eDaily can be optioned with a variety of ePTO options including 50kW and 15kW ePTO, a mechanical 15kW ePTO that can power pumps for cranes, aerial platforms or other heavy-duty lifting equipment, as well as a low-voltage 2.5kW ePTO. Functioning independently from the traction motor, ePTO can run even when the vehicle is off.

IVECO eDaily retains the same truck-based chassis that operators value, allowing for a class-leading up to 3.5-tonne towing capacity and up to 4.6-tonne payload. This EV also takes advantage of the 4.25-tonne derogation, meaning it can be driven with a UK Category B driving licence.

IVECO eDaily can be specified with one, two, three or even four modular batteries, allowing operators ultimate flexibility when it comes to payload and range. Available in more body styles and derivatives than any other eLCV on the market, there’s an IVECO eDaily for every mission. 

IVECO UK Light Business-line Director, Mike Cutts said “The 50kW ePTO is by far the most capable on the market. The Mobile Power Station vehicle has been built to showcase this ePTO power, with operators already using the option to complete demanding missions.”