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IVECO Driver Pal
The vocal driver companion.
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The new IVECO DRIVER PAL takes the driver’s life to the next level by turning their vehicle into the perfect travel companion.

As part of IVECO’s customer-centric continuous improvement process, the IVECO DRIVER PAL vocal driver companion has been enriched with new features that will make the driver’s life even easier, more productive and safer.


  • The new Vehicle Locator functionality
  • New features that help maximise the vehicle’s uptime
  • Additional cabin controls
  • The enhanced “Open MY IVECO” vocal request

New Features

Enjoy a safer driving experience



In the smart cab, with Alexa fully integrated into the vehicle, drivers can interact with the truck and operate all in-cab controls simply using their voice.



With the vocal companion, drivers enjoy a safer driving experience with fewer distractions. Taking care of secondary tasks using their voice so they can remain focused on the mission.



With the new, innovative voice service, drivers can vocally manage their route planning, check their vehicle’s health status and ask for help to avoid unplanned stops, including delays with readily available information about traffic jams, weather conditions and any other disruptions.



With IVECO DRIVER PAL, drivers are connected with the driver community. They can safely communicate with other drivers, share information and advice on their route - and language is no barrier, because their IVECO vocal companion translates for them.

New features that will make the driver’s life even easier

IVECO has extended the functionalities of its vocal driver companion, IVECO Driver Pal, with new features that will make it even easier for drivers of their IVECO Daily and IVECO S-Way vehicles to increase their productivity, comfort and maximise their vehicle’s uptime.


The new Vehicle Locator functionality will save time finding where the vehicle is parked.

The new features include useful time savers that will result in greater productivity. With the Vehicle Locator functionality, the driver will be able to use the Driver Pal MYIVECO skill, on their mobile device, to ask vocally “Where is my vehicle?” to have the address where the vehicle is parked, so there will be no time wasted looking for it.

It can also be used sitting in the cab if the driver needs to know the name of the street where they are, and no street signs are visible.

Drivers whose employers have supply agreements with a specific fuel company, will have no trouble finding their nearest filling station asking the MYIVECO skill to search by brand.


The enhanced “Open MYIVECO” vocal request will now act as a voice tutorial to help the driver quickly navigate the most frequently used commands and remain open to enable a natural and fast interaction.

The enhancement of the vocal command “Open MYIVECO” delivers a significant improvement to the user experience, enabling faster access to the main features. Acting as a vocal tutorial to help drivers remember how to ask IVECO Driver Pal for information about the truck, it provides a quick guide of the most frequent and useful commands.

Once activated, the “Open MYIVECO” skill remains open, ready to respond to further direct requests, such as “What is the vehicle status?” or “How is my driving style?”, providing a more natural and smooth interaction. The skill is easily closed with the simple vocal command “Stop”.


New features that help maximise the vehicle’s uptime include the ability to request IVECO’s Assistance Non-Stop service through vocal commands, and the integration of push notifications to get real time maintenance information.

In case of a technical issue or breakdown, drivers can contact IVECO’s Assistance Non-Stop service through voice commands instead of using their mobile app or the infotainment system. New notifications will make it very easy to organise maintenance and prevent issues: IVECO Driver Pal will remind the driver when the next service is due and alert them when Over The Air updates are available so they can schedule them when convenient.

The additional notifications about climate settings and scheduling, Control Room and Over The Air alerts will also be sent to the driver’s mobile device on the IVECO ON Easy Way and IVECO ON Easy Daily apps – a useful feature when the driver uses functions such as Climate scheduling remotely.


Additional cab controls can be activated through voice commands, enhancing driver comfort and safety.

Comfort and safety on the IVECO S-Way will be enhanced with the new IVECO Driver Pal feature that enables the driver to activate additional cab controls to open and close the windows, for example when approaching a toll booth, control the sunroof, or switch the infotainment on and off when resting in the cab.

IVECO has also extended the information provided to drivers through the MYCOMMUNITY skill, which now includes details of how many users have listened to the messages they have posted on the skill.


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