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Iveco takes the lead on sustainable transport with its display at Solutrans 2015

Thursday 19th November 2015

Iveco takes the lead on sustainable transport with its display at Solutrans 2015

Iveco presents its entire range and services at the 2015 edition of Solutrans at Lyon Eurexpo demonstrating with the 19 vehicles on show (including 8 on an outdoor test track) its commitment to technology aimed at delivering low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and sustainable transport .

Solutrans is the French Bodybuilder Federation (Fédération Française de la Carrosserie) trade fair; at this event Iveco has decided to honour the bodybuilders for its vehicles by displaying a selection of different chassis configurations on the stand, all chosen for their innovative nature and commercial importance within the sector.

The 11 vehicles on display in the Iveco stand are:

- The Daily 35 S13 A8 D Hi-Matic double cab model with JPM tipper

- The Daily 35 S21 A8 V9 Hi-Matic van 9 m 3

- The Daily 70 C21 A8 Hi-Matic vehicle transporter bearing the "All Blacks" livery

- The Eurocargo ML140 E25P

- The Eurocargo ML120 EL21P CNG "Natural Power" chassis

- The Eurocargo ML160 E28P chassis with sleeper cab

- The Stralis Hi-Street AD 190 S42 P ADR tank carrier

- The Stralis Hi-Way AS 440 S56TP "Le Mans all-options limited edition" road tractor

- The Stralis Hi-Road AT 440 S33TP LNG "Natural Power", the No. 1 CNG truck in France and in Europe

- The Trakker Hi-Land AD 340T45 8x4 carrier with Jocquin site tipper, to represent the "bodybuilder drop-off/Order & Drive" offer by Iveco France

- "Iveco Vision", a technological concept for the future of mobility.

Also present on the stand is an Iveco Cursor 8 CNG engine, an exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission and a Case CX18B mini-excavator displayed on a Daily vehicle transporter.

Eight other vehicles will also be available for viewing on an outdoor test track:

- The Daily 35 S13 A8 Hi-Matic with JPM tipper and trunk

- The Daily 35 S14N V12 CNG "Natural Power" van

- The Daily 35 S17 A8 V16 Hi-Matic van

- The Eurocargo ML120 EL21P CNG "Natural Power" with Pastore aluminium body

- The Eurocargo ML 180 E32 P with tipper

- The Eurocargo ML75E 21P LPG "Natural power" with tank

- The Stralis Hi-Street AD190 S33P CNG "Natural Power" truck with body and tailgate

- The Stralis AT 440 S33 TP tractor.

With these vehicles, Iveco is presenting all of its exclusive technologies:

- The Euro VI diesel engines without EGR (“Regeneration? No thanks!")

- The Euro VI engines that run on natural gas, compressed biomethane or liquefied fuel

- The exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission.