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Archbold Logistics boosts efficiency with 12 new IVECO S-Way 490s

Wednesday 17th May 2023

Archbold Logistics boosts efficiency with 12 new IVECO S-Way 490s

Archbold Logistics has been delivering freight for over 100 years with its expertise now spanning the globe. The company knows the importance of having a dependable and highly capable fleet that will cross continents and serve as an essential part of its global logistics and shipping operation. 

Proudly wearing Archbold’s signature colours, this batch of 12 new IVECO S-Way 490 vehicles has joined its fleet of 150 LCVs and trucks.

This follows Archbold Logistics taking delivery of two IVECO S-Way 460 models a few years ago. They were so impressed with their performance and service supplied by Northern Commercials Brighthouse in West Yorkshire, that taking on more IVECO vehicles was a natural choice.

The IVECO S-Way 490 is dubbed the ‘Fuel hero’ of the range thanks to its impressive Cursor 13 engine that supplies strong performance, but not at the cost of fuel efficiency – something that makes the trucks true TCO champions. Producing 490hp and 2,500Nm of torque from as low in the rev range as 1,000rpm, this model is highly versatile and comfortably capable of haulage over vast distances all while returning impressive real-world economy.

The purchase supports Archbold Logistics’ growing contract logistics arm, which sees customers benefiting from a fleet operation without having to bear the full cost of a dedicated fleet themselves. 

Archbold Logistics Managing Director, Alan Maher, said: “We trialled the vehicle last year and it performed excellently. The drivers have been really positive about these IVECOs and have reported good fuel economy.”

The beating 13-litre heart of these trucks has been coupled with new high-efficiency single-reduction rear axles that enable greater efficiency when cruising on long-distance routes. Further efficiency gains come from increased compression ratios, a new combustion management strategy, and an Eco Mode for the automatic air conditioning system. The vehicle is offered with a specific configuration of options which can improve overall fuel efficiency by up to 4%. IVECO's Professional Fuel Advising Service can deliver up to a further 4% of savings.

The Archbold trucks look striking with their distinctive livery, but the eye-catching form also has function. The IVECO S-Way efficiently cuts through the air to reduce drag and ultimately fuel consumption. New aerodynamic A-pillar covers guide airflow around the cab and further contribute to overall efficiency.

Alan continued “We are delighted so far with the new IVECO trucks. They are performing well for us in a real-world environment and we have been particularly impressed with IVECO’s dealers support, which provide the excellent back up service that we require.”

The 12 Archbold IVECO trucks are expected to cover 140,000km each year, so driver comfort is always high on the agenda. Each one is covered by a 5-year IVECO Elements repair and maintenance package that ensures their expert care throughout by the IVECO network, something that aids eventual resale values.

The coupling of style and sustenance continues inside the cab where coloured trim finishes and attention-grabbing red seatbelts detail the spacious interior. A refrigerator, touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay means that Archbold Logistic drivers are well catered for when away from home.

Gareth Lumsdaine – IVECO UK Truck business Line Director said: “The IVECO S-Way 490 is an important model in the range that grants operators the performance required for enduring haulage missions while also lowering the overall total cost of ownership. We would like to thank Archbolds for their continued support of the IVECO brand.”