The exhaust system, notably including the silencer, the catalytic converter and the particle filter, not only contribute to reducing air and noise pollution but can also help achieve better fuel efficiency. Benefit from IVECO’s superior exhaust parts designed for quieter, cleaner operations, enhanced sealing properties and lower vibrations, leading to lower fuel consumption.


  • Better fuel performance from engine and less vibratory risk, thanks to mounting accessories fitted at the same time as new exhaust component.
  • Less exhaust noise thanks to acoustics tailored to each model.
  • Less clogging due to high-quality part filter, resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  • Durability and cost-effectiveness.


  • Robust stainless steel components, rust- and heat-resistant.
  • High precious metal content in catalytic converters, resulting in less pollution.
  • Designed for vehicle homologation, exceeding roadworthiness testing standards.
  • Equipped with best-in-class particulate filter.


  • Have your exhaust line regularly checked by your IVECO dealer.
  • Ensure your oil is regularly changed and of high quality.
  • Pay attention to the particulate filter (DPF) and change when necessary (standard change available in IVECO network).
Drain regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Use IVECO Urania oil for your engine to improve fuel economy.
Check your SCR system at your IVECO Dealership at least once a year to maintain your vehicle for optimum performance at all times.
AdBlue® should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. The optimum storage temperature is up to 25°C.
Take care to avoid cross contamination of AdBlue® into the diesel fuel tank.
Purchase AdBlue® liquid under the ISO 22241 to guarantee high performance of the vehicle.
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