Connectivity is much more than using your mobile device onboard. It is the enabler of a whole range of services that allows us to support your business more proactively and effectively, minimising stoppages and maximising your productivity. The Daily takes connectivity to an entirely new level and opens the door to a world of new tailor-made services that will help you get the best out of your vehicle, maximise its time on the road, manage your fleet most efficiently, and save on fuel and maintenance costs.

With the objective of offering you the best of everything, we are offering you a full package which will allow you to benefit from the Connected services below combined with a full Repair and Maintenance package to protect your vehicle:

Get a FREE Telematics box PLUS £1,300 towards a full Repair and Maintenance connectivity package (2XL & 3XL IVECO Elements)

IVECO Connected Services included:

  • Remote Diagnostics
    • Diagnostics performed remotely without the need for the vehicle to stop at the workshop
  • Over The Air (OTA) Service
    • Assistance and vehicle software updates performed remotely without the need to stop at the workshop
  • Proactive Service
    • Proactive service performed remotely by IVECO Control room specialists, based on the vehicle’s live parameters
  • MYDAILY web portal and App
    • Web portal to monitor vehicle status and driver behavior, available also on App
  • Service Booking
    • Service appointment booking with the MYDAILY web portal

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