Key Features

Natural gas is a solid alternative to diesel for sustainable transport. It improves local air quality by drastically reducing air pollutants, it mitigates global warming by cutting CO2 emissions, and it contributes to reducing noise pollution.

IVECO has always been ahead of the industry with its research. It is the sector leader in the production of sustainable commercial vehicles and buses with more than 16,000 produced since 2000, of which 7,000 are Daily Natural Power.

These vehicles are the cornerstone of a zero CO2 transport solution when running on biogas generated from urban and agricultural waste instead of fossil natural gas

Natural Gas Advantages

  • Engine Performance equal to Diesel version
  • Load capacity equal to Diesel version (depending on national legislation)
  • Up to 25% lower fuel costs at natural gas fuelling stations
  • Fuel cost savings can reach up to 40% with a home fuelling station (a small CNG compressor unit)
  • Lower emissions Vs. Diesel (-25% NOx, -97% particulate matter) with a less complex anti-pollution system
  • 50% lower engine noise Vs. Diesel
  • Smaller carbon footprint with biomethane (up to -95% CO2 well-to-wheel)
  • No after-treatment system maintenance

Unrivalled Performance

  • Choose the business partner that is the best fit for your missions, available with 3.0-litre engine
  • Thanks to its sustainable CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) technology, the Daily Natural Power delivers the same performance and transient response as its diesal equivalent.
  • With 136 hp and best-in-class 350 Nm torque, can tackle all missions, including the most demanding refrigeration systems.

Fuel Economy

  • Outstanding Fuel Economy of up to 40% vs. diesel equivalent engine
  • further improving its reputation on delivering profitability and has up to 490km (NEDC) autonomy.

No Limits in Urban Areas and Nighttime Deliveries

  • Dramatic reduction in noise level, 50% lower than its diesel equivalent.
  • Remarkably quiet and clean running vehicle. 
  • Perfect for urban areas with low emission zones or nighttime distribution

Superior Payload

  • Whatever the mission Daily Natural Power matches your requirements with a payload of up to 4.7 tons
  • Available as Chassis cab or Van with versions from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes of Gross Vehicle weight.
  • Body length of up to 6,400 mm allows for cargo volumes up to 40m3

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