Key Features

Sustainable Technology

Engine Bay
  • Keep your vehicle management as simple as possible with the LP-EGR technology without AdBlue© - available with the even more powerful F1A 2.3-litre engine
  • Get all the power you need with the simple and efficient SCR technology
  • Experience the absolute driving pleasure with the class exclusive 8-speed automatic gearbox available in the Daily HI-MATIC family
  • Enjoy a performance equivalent to a diesel engine with the clean and quiet running of the Daily Natural Power

Unrivalled Performance

  • Choose the business partner that is the best fit for your missions, available with the 2.3-litre and 3.0-litre engines
  • Take advantage of the broad range of power ratings, from 116 hp right up to 205 hp, and torque from 320 Nm up to 470 Nm
  • Exploit the benefits of the rear traction to drive in optimal conditions while carrying maximum loads

Unlimited Versatility

  • Whatever your mission, find the Daily that matches your requirements. Ranging from 3.3 to 7 tonnes GVW and cargo volumes from 7.3 m3 to 19.6 m3 , it is the most versatile van in its class
  • Customise your Daily from the extensive availability of bodywork solutions allowing for a wide variety of missions
  • Select the version that satisfies your transport requirements: panel van, semi-widowed and windowed van

Productive Comfort

  • Enjoy the quiet cab, where the interior noise level has been significantly reduced by 4-decibel improving vehicle acoustics and sound recognition by 8%
  • Experience the ergonomic dashboard controls, easily reachable for safe driving
  • Organise your personal and working objects in up to 18 handy storage compartments
  • Work in a comfortable and professional environment with the new leather steering wheel, the blue seat upholstery and the new textile foam headrest

Unique Durability

  • Count on the long life of the driveline, ensured by the reliable engine and transmission that always run at optimal speed
  • Find your lifelong partner in the Daily and get the full benefit of its excellent value
  • Benefit from savings of up to 12% in maintenance and repair costs and 20% more up-time between services, as maintenance intervals extended to 50,000 km

Innate Robustness

  • Load your Daily to its maximum capacity every day, year after year, in the knowledge that it can be relied on to complete every mission effectively
  • Get the job done faster and with fewer trips with its bigger payloads of up to 4 tonnes, and the biggest cargo capacities up to 19.6 m3

Profit Maker

  • Choose your professional partner from the widest offering in the market
  • Save up to 8% fuel thanks to the Variable Displacement Oil Pump, the Variable Geometry Turbocharger, the EcoSwitch PRO, the reduction in engine weight and the reduced friction in the engines and axles
  • Reduce your fuel consumption even further thanks to the real-time driving suggestions of the exclusive Driving Style Evaluation
  • Enjoy a 12% reduction on maintenance and repair costs thanks to longer lasting components and optimized braking system
  • Rely on a professional Service Network whenever and wherever you need it

Daily Hi-Matic

Hi-Matic Interior

First 8 speed automatic gearbox in the industry for best comfort and safety.

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IVECO App Features

Connect your New Daily Euro 6.

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