So much more than a vehicle. The New Daily embraces the digital era to keep you on the road by bringing your dealer workshop to you; enables you to drive safely and ensures greater comfort; maximises the efficiency of your logistics; and minimises your Total Cost of Ownership. What is more: it comes with highly personalised financing and maintenance packages precisely tailored to match how and how much you use the vehicle.

The New Daily puts technology and connectivity at the service of the driver, offering a superior work environment, providing the driving comfort of a car. All the safety and productivity benefits of its Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, getting closer to autonomous driving every day. Strong and versatile, the New Daily remains true to its unique heritage, with its innate robustness and the widest range in the industry



Up to 10% fuel savings with the daily’s high-efficiency features

The New Daily’s engines stand out for their fuel efficiency thanks to the introduction of features such as the new Electronic-Controlled Variable Geometry Turbine, the exclusive Class A Super Eco Low Rolling tyres specifically designed for the Daily and the Start & Stop system.


Product improvements and longer oil change intervals deliver significant savings of up to 10% maintenance costs in urban missions.


The Daily is well known for its extensive engine line-up, and is the only one in the market to offer two engines optimised for top performance in every mission:

  • the 2.3 litre F1A engine, now available in both light- and heavy-duty homologation
  • the 3.0 litre heavy-duty F1C engine with increased performance and power up to 210 hp and is also available in a compressed natural gas version, which results in a clean-running and remarkably quiet vehicle.


Up to 38% accident reduction in urban context with the advanced driver assistance systems*

The New Daily makes significant changes on the path towards autonomous driving and safety with the introduction of acomplete set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. All these advanced technologies are at the service of the drivers, enabling them to safely focus on their job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking. They reduce the risk of accidents on motorways and busy streetsThis new technology helps in complicated situations and takes the stress away in heavy traffic, which benefits in your quality of life on board and your business’s bottom line.

  • Avoid or mitigate collisions with the AEBS and City Brake PRO

  • Stress-free in heavy traffic congestion with the Queue Assist

  • Cruise safely on the motorway with the Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Always stay in lane with the ProActive Lane Keeping Assist

  • Stable in strong winds with the Crosswind Assist

  • Drive safely down steep slopes with the Hill Descent Control

  • Get a grip with the Traction Plus

*According to the United Nations Economic Commission


The New Daily uses advanced technology to provide a superior driving experience

Life on board is easier, more comfortable and more productive than ever.

  • Smooth, effortlessly maneuverable with new Electric Power Steering and City Mode

  • Easy, clear interaction with the new high-resolution colour display cluster

  • Your digital life on board with Apple Car Play and Android Auto with a 7-inch mirroring display

  • Safety and efficiency with real-time Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • Parking comfort and efficiency with the new Electric Parking Brake

  • High visibility and efficiency with the new full LED lights


On the Daily, connectivity is much more than using your mobile device onboard.

It is the enabler of a whole range of services that allows us to support your business more proactively and effectively, minimising stoppages and maximising your productivity.

Improved uptime by putting the vehicle in direct contact with the IVECO specialists that will receive real-time data can conduct diagnostics and can identify possibile issues before they occur by taking proactive actions reducing downtime.

Personalised services that match exactly day by day use in regards to the real-time data that can be received from your Daily.

Optimise your Daily’s efficiency in real time through the MYDAILY portal by analysing its performance, fuel consumption and even the vehicle's explotation.

Fleet management solutions enable you to reduce expenses because of improved vehicle tracking, fleet utilisation , driver behaviour, advanced engine diagnostics and real-time mileage reporting.

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