Win an iPhone, Make the Most of It: 5 Top Drivers Apps

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Win an iPhone, Make the Most of It: 5 Top Drivers Apps

As far as portable devices go, it’s an undoubted, irrefutable fact that iPhones are one of the most useful pieces of technology ever invented. Aside from its large but manageable, pin-sharp screen, its super sleek black aluminium-backed design and the unending range of features all packed into its impressive operating system, the App Store offers a truly incalculable amount of software that, no matter who you are, peppers your world with practical augmentations that you’ll come to wonder how you ever lived without. What with our new competition; win an amazing iPhone 5 simply by signing up to our newsletter, we thought we’d provide you with the FIVE best apps for when you’re out on the job!

MPG Calc.

First out of the gate then is MPG Calculator. Don’t go anywhere without this handheld genius; allowing you to input your miles driven, litres and the cost to instantly derive your Miles Per Gallon, an invaluable tool when you’re out on the road and recording petrol prices for reimbursement!

Of course, safety is always a top priority for us, as it should be for you, and as such we vigorously approve of the app! This clever little blighter reads your received texts and emails out loud, allowing you to go completely hands free, whilst still staying up to date with everything that’s happening, no matter how long the drive is to the next job! Coupled with the iPhone 5’s virtual assistant Siri, you need never touch your phone again whilst driving, retaining complete functionality. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

INRIX Traffic

INRIX Traffic does what it says on the tin; so along as you read between the lines on the tin – heralded as the industry’s number 1 free traffic app, INRIX informs you of traffic jams, road blocks and all the news you need to not end up stuck at the back of a three mile tailback on the M1!


Whilst Dynolicious may look to be targeted squarely at the ultimate car-modding enthusiast, the information it relays is incredibly indepth, and for anyone wishing to really track how they drive, you won’t get a more detailed analysis than this. Delivering a host of complicated metrics and measurements, Dynolicious allows you to see into your vehicle and the way you drive in a manner you never could before!

AA EcoDrive

Here’s a fancy one to finish on then. AA EcoDrive utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer, among other things, in a similar manner to Dynolicious to display the extent to which you are driving economically. Its cartoon visuals might make it seem a bit light-hearted, but the real time information is sure to be handy if you’re keeping an eye on those petrol prices and trying to drive them down wherever possible.

With these five top apps, and hundreds more besides, what are you waiting for, sign up to our newsletter to hear about our latest trucks for sale and for a chance to win!