The Road to Dakar 2013: Iveco and FPT Industrial

Thursday 20th December 2012

The Road to Dakar 2013: Iveco and FPT Industrial

It’s all go again in the Iveco competitive camp as, continuing on from last year’s roaring success, we partner once more with FPT Industrial to help Team De Rooy, via sponsorship and the aggressive rooting of every one of our employees, along the road to Dakar 2013!

You don’t take part in any Dakar rally without all the necessary components, and be that a strong, severe mental attitude, primed toward endurance and tenacity, or merely the spare parts at the beckoned call of the driver when they’re needed most, every aspect is as integral as the other if you’re going to go on to be world champions, and that is entirely what we intend to do!

Teaming up with FPT Industrial is the obvious choice, and with the famous teamwork that contributed to the 2012 victory, we’re ready for more as we team up again to supply the all the vehicles, the range of engines and of course, those all-important spare parts throughout the journey. We set them on the road to championsville just days ago, as they left as cargo, travelling across the Atlantic Ocean on a 21 day voyage climaxing at the Panama Canal.

That’ll put the vehicles right on schedule for the start of the race, which kicks off on the 5th of January, just days into 2013, setting off from Lima, Peru. The following 15 days are spent in constant competitive tussle, passing through Argentina and winding up eventually in Santiago, Chile on the 20th of January; home in time for tea!

And what monstrosities will be defeating the tough terrain of Dakar this year? The Petronas De Rooy Iveco Team will use a combination of two 4×4 New Trakkers from Evolution 2 and two more from Evolution 3 and lastly one Iveco Powerstar: a truck native to the realm of Iveco Australia.

With 840 brake horse power under the hood, thanks to FPT Industrial’s Cursor 13 engines, there’s a whole lot of brute force and engineering prowess just waiting to match and exceed last year’s trophy-winning effort! We’ll see you in Peru!