Key Features

Mission Driven

Engine Bay
  • NEW STRALIS perfectly suits the mission thanks to its technical solutions for weight reduction and its compliance to the stringent requirements of the ADR agreement.
  • In addition, our HI-SCR system offers a decisive advantage: no active regeneration and lower exhaust temperature make it the most suitable solution for restricted areas such as airports, ships, tunnels, refineries and fuel loading bays.

HI-TRONIX Transmission

  • The new-generation, 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category:
  • modular, service-friendly concept,
  • 99.7% efficiency,
  • extraordinary durability,
  • best-in-class gear spread (16.7),
  • and best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio.
  • Compared to the previous model, HI-TRONIX improves all performance indicators: it reduces shifting time by 10%, it is designed for almost twice the gearshifts of the previous generation of automated transmission, and it extends transmission oil change intervals to up to 600,000 kilometres (on long-hauling). HI-TRONIX also offers additional functionalities, such as maneuvering mode (creep) for low-speed operation, working like a torqueconverter transmission; rocking function to recover grip on low-adherence surfaces, 4 reverse gears and a new offer of PTOs.

IVECO HI-CRUISE Integrated Drive System

  • Speed and gear managed by an “electronic-horizon” algorithm that adopts advanced fuel-saving strategies;
  • Misuse prevention guaranteed by speed limiter, kick-down de-activation and electronically-controlled gearshift timing;
  • Outstanding driving comfort.
  • IVECO HI-CRUISE has been fine-tuned on real-life mission requirements in order to satisfy all parties:
  • drivers appreciate IVECO HI-CRUISE because it is smooth, simplifies their job and allows them to focus on safety rather than road routine;
  • fleet managers highly value IVECO HI-CRUISE because it provides substantial fuel savings (and increased long-term reliability) also with low-skilled drivers.

All-New Driveline

  • NEW STRALIS has an all-new rear axle with single reduction and improved gear geometry to reduce fuel consumption.
  • While maintaining the availability of different ratios, the new axle is offered on the XP model with a specific downspeeding configuration at 2:47.
  • By reducing engine speed at cruising mode, the new rear axle provides significant consumption advantages – particularly on long-distance routes.

Designed Around the Driver

  • steering wheel with pneumatic adjustment and integrated controls,
  • heated and ventilated driver seat with height-adjustable seat-belt,
  • HI-COMFORT bed, 80 cm wide and over 2 m long, with wooden slats and reclinable backrest,
  • fold-away top bunk with air-sprung opening system,
  • low-consumption night air conditioner built into the roof panel,
  • over 30 drawers and storage compartments,
  • optional 50-litres maxi-fridge for long-distance missions.

Uptime Guarantee

  • As a guarantee of product reliability and Service Network excellence, IVECO offers the Brand-new formula UPTIME GUARANTEE. With UPTIME GUARANTEE, should a NEW STRALIS become inoperable due to technical issues, it will be repaired within 24 hours from recovery at an IVECO TRUCK STATION (timing as identified by the IVECO CUSTOMER CENTER). If this is not possible, IVECO will provide the customer with:
    • a replacement truck (if available)
    • or a daily compensation for every 24 hours downtime period in the workshop (*).
  • UPTIME GUARANTEE is included as standard coverage with NEW STRALIS XP and integrated in ELEMENTS 3XL / 2XL contracts (**). (*) up to 4 days (**) up to 4 years
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