Protect you vehicle with £1,300 IVECO contribution towards a comprehensive repair and maintenance package (2XL / 3XL IVECO Elements)

PLUS benefit from IVECOs Connected Services with a FREE Telematics Box

IVECO Connected Services included with FREE telematics box:

  • Remote Diagnostics

Diagnostics performed remotely without the need for the vehicle to stop at the workshop

  • Over The Air (OTA) Service

Assistance and vehicle software updates performed remotely without the need to stop at the workshop

  • Proactive Service

Proactive service performed remotely by IVECO Control room specialists, based on the vehicle’s live parameters

  • MYDAILY web portal and App

Web portal to monitor vehicle status and driver behavior, available also on App

  • Service Booking

Service appointment booking with the MYDAILY web portal

IVECO Elements 2XL and 3XL R&M:   

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