Ideal and Configurable Trucks for Sale

Tuesday 12th July 2011

As a haulage company, it’s likely that your fleet will vary from day to day. Therefore it’s understandable that you’ll require a truck which can handle various loads, whilst remaining economically friendly, easy to handle and comfortable for the long drives. Here at Iveco, we have a range of trucks for sale, including the EUROCARGO which we promise will be the perfect vehicle for your individual requirements.

The EUROCARGO is often seen as the workhorse of the haulage world and is often the vehicle many take their HGV training in. At Iveco we have a selection of EUROCARGO vehicles available for sale, including the Truck, Crew Cab and 4×4 – all of which can have various elements configured to ensure your drivers have a comfortable drive and the goods being transported are kept safe throughout their journey.


Our EUROCARGO trucks come in varying weights from 7-18tonnes. Each of these weights come with the option of either a steel, rear air or front/rear air suspension, whilst the horsepower at your disposal will vary according to the weight you opt for. For example if you opt for the 7tonne truck, you’ll be greeted with an engine that consists of 160hp, whilst the 18tonne can have a maximum horsepower of 299.

Crew Cab/4×4:

As with the Truck, the Crew Cab and 4×4 come in a range of weights, horsepower and suspension options for you to configure ensuring that you get the ideal truck.

The Crew Cab for example comes in a range of weights from 7.5 – 14tonnes and again each of these weights have a varying engine power available at their disposal, ranging from 177hp-251hp. The 4×4 on the other hand is only available with a steel suspension and horsepower varying between 217-279hp as a result of its weight constrictions.

If you’d like more information surrounding our EUROCARGO or any of the trucks for sale that we have available, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our online enquiry form, where our friendly and professional team will be able to offer any advice you may require.

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