SEAbound Stralis' Secure the Stock!

Friday 15th February 2013

It seems yet again the Stralis has proved its pudding amongst competitors after winning a major deal with SEA Transport, renowned specialists in worldwide container conveyance. With a successful trial period at John Bywater last month and following their order of several new Ecostralis’, SEA took the plunge after finding their loaned Iveco trucks outdid the competition on just about every level; most notably, of course, was the efficiency factor. As such, eight new Stralis Active Space Super3 tractor units are headed to join the heavy truck fleet at SEA!

 With the very latest SEA livery adorned across each of the new 6×2 twinsteer tractors, not only will the Stralis’ perform superbly, but they’ll also look the part as well! So how did SEA come to the conclusion that the Stralis was the vehicle for them? According to Frazer Smith, SEA Transports MD and co-owner, it was all in the fuel economy advantages!

 "We looked at a number of options in the market” he commented, " but the Stralis deal made the most sense. The demonstrator proved popular with drivers and delivered great fuel economy; and the new arrivals haven’t disappointed. It’s still early days and the engines are running in, but we’re already seeing better fuel returns than elsewhere in the fleet.”

 That however, wasn’t the only factor that swayed the container giant. Post-purchase support is something we at Iveco pride ourselves on and, after guaranteeing a Friday night servicing and maintenance schedule, we made sure that Frazer could get his trucks on the road at a time that was most suitable for his company. Smith went on to explain; “we spoke to a number of other Stralis operators before placing the order and liked what we heard – both in terms of the product and the customer backup.”

He went onto say how important the investment in the new trucks was, highlighting it as a strategic business manoeuvre that increases fleet profile and invests in both stakeholders and customers.

 Complete with the comfort seat setup perfect for a hard day’s work and for a good night’s sleep, the Stralis comes with all the trimmings ideal for ensuring the drivers are able to work to maximum efficiency at all times, just like the trucks themselves!

 For more on how the Stralis can be an important business move for you too, give us at Iveco a call today!