Iveco Eurocargo hybrid makes UK debut at Low Carbon Vehicle show

Thursday 8th September 2011

Iveco’s hybrid Eurocargo will make its UK debut at the Low Carbon Vehicle event on 7 and 8 September at the Rockingham Motor Speedway.  The 12 tonner joins a comprehensive line-up of low-carbon Ivecos available in the UK, encompassing electric-traction, hybrid, natural gas and ultra-clean EEV diesel-powered technologies.

The Eurocargo (120E18/P), which is also available at 7.5 tonnes, uses a diesel-electric parallel hybrid driveline making it possible to carry out multi-drop distribution in towns and cities without sacrificing high-speed performance on motorways.  It is powered by a 16-valve, four-cylinder tector EEV diesel engine with maximum rated power of 180 hp, working in combination with a 60 hp electric motor-generator.  The engine and motor are driven through a six-speed automated gearbox and a lithium ion battery pack with 1.9 kWh capacity.

Martin Flach, Product Director at Iveco UK, says: “We have managed to engineer all of the hybrid technology into the Eurocargo with only a 250 kg payload deficit over a conventional diesel engined model.  This is testament to Iveco’s unrivalled experience with alternative fuel technologies and our commitment to offering fleets the most practical real-world solutions to lowering carbon emissions.”

Joining the Eurocargo on display are two natural gas powered Iveco ECODAILYs.  These include a 7 tonne (70C14G) model which is preparing to enter operation with retail giant and a 3.5 tonne (35C14G) company demonstrator.

Both vehicles are designed to operate in the UK on compressed biomethane (CBM) – a commercially competitive and environmentally sound fuel that can be directly substituted for natural gas. The Government considers CBM to be the most sustainable alternative fuel in terms of impact on resource depletion in relation to alternatives such as biodiesel and ethanol. Furthermore, CBM has the lowest carbon intensity of all commercially available alternative fuels.

The two ECODAILYs are joined by a 21 tonne Stralis Active Day (AD260S30Y/FS-D CNG) 6×2 rigid belonging to Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE).  Also running on CBM, this vehicle has been in operation for over a year and will soon be joined by a further 13 identical models.  CCE will extol the virtues of the natural gas-powered vehicles at the Summer Olympics in London — where the Stralis’ will be used for product deliveries to Games venues.

Completing the line-up of Ivecos on display is an ultra-efficient ECOSTRALIS (AS440S46TX/P) 6×2 mid-lift tractor unit, powered by the latest Cursor 10 engine with revised engine mapping to reduce fuel consumption whilst maintaining performance.  This engine is capable of producing up to 460 hp and a maximum torque of 2,100 Nm between 1,050 and 1,550 rev/min, whilst meeting demanding EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) legislation – the strictest ecological standard in Europe.

ECOSTRALIS models also stand out for their high standard specification including; a Blue&Me on-board telematics system, the  ECOSWITCH which combines a mode that limits engine power and torque output by adjusting it to the load of the vehicle, the 85kph speed limiter and a  revised EuroTronic transmission incorporating the automatic ECOfleet mode which constantly monitors and automatically adjusts the gear changes to fine-tune fuel economy.  All ECOSTRALIS vehicles use Michelin Energy SaverGreen tyres, an axle ratio optimised for fuel consumption on long distance applications.